Digital Signage marketing plan

Digital signage is an essential part of any marketing plan and vital to any business model.

With the digital signage industry expected to grow upward to $21.92 Billion by the year 2020, it is imperative for brands and companies alike to integrate digital signage into their strategies. This article will aim to highlight some of the benefits of digital signage specific to your industry, looking at how it can address some of the unique challenges you face.

Corporate Communications

corporate communications screenCommunication within an organization is critical for promoting a positive corporate culture, improving employee morale and increasing productivity. There is no better way to directly engage visitors and staff than with bright, colorful and dynamic screens displaying targeted content. Whether you're welcoming guests, communicating changes to benefits, promoting health and safety regulations, recognizing employee achievements or announcing the next company picnic, you need to trust that your message is getting delivered, regardless of location. Digital signage gives you the ability to target content for individual screens at specific locations or all screens, corporate wide. Your entire network can be managed from any modern browser, anywhere in the world.


Healthcare presents a number of opportunities and challenges for distributing important information and engaging staff and visitors. As an example, hospitals can be very frustrating for visitors to find a doctor or lab or even to visit a patient. Using our own Video Presence (a live, 2-way video chat feature) integrated into our HumanKiosk allows visitors to speak to a real person in real-time. This offers an efficient and effect way to allow a few staff members or even one staff member, to provide live touch points throughout the facilities, all controlled from a single location. Digital signage can be used in waiting areas to reduce perceived wait times with informative and even entertaining content.


retail video wallsDigital signage brings twice the engagement than the leading social media platforms. Retailers build brand equity with bold and dynamic, lifestyle selling content. Reduce costs by displaying promotions on your digital signage board. Display in-store promotions with the ability to update quickly for out of stock items. Showcase upsells at the point of decision with new product offerings. Display content targeting the viewers specific demographic using Anonymous Analytics. When there are multiple locations, unify the content to create consistent messaging and appearance.


Manufacturing safetyCommunication is critical in a hectic environment such as a manufacturing facility. Strategically placed digital signs can deliver important information exactly where and when it's needed without disrupting work and without putting people at risk. Display important health and safety information, production and maintenance schedules, upcoming company events, and even the cafeteria's daily specials. There is no better way to engage and inform employees and help keep everyone safe, than with digital signage.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Quick Service RestaurantsDigital signage can be used in so many ways to enhance the experience at any quick service restaurant. Switching between Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus can be scheduled to occur automatically. Menu items can be easily updated including pricing, nutritional information and imagery eliminating the cost of producing, printing and installing static menu boards. Animate your menus boards and manage pricing and content easily from any modern browser. Promote specialty items, upcoming events and even entertain quests as they wait to be served. Operating costs can be reduced by displaying ads from advertising partners.


hospitality flightsDigital signage can be used in many different ways to create a memorable experience for guests. Screens and kiosks can be used to communicate flight information, display restaurant menus and specials, and promote all the amenities and special events a Hotel has to offer. A touch enabled HumanKiosk can be used as a virtual concierge allowing guest to explore available services, activities and events at their leisure, freeing up staff. Wayfinding can be incorporated to help visitors and guests easily find their way around. For chain hotels, corporate head office can manage brand messaging for all locations while allowing individual locations to manage site specific content.


automotive video wallsWhen a customer enters a showroom, how do you create a great first impression? An impactful, dynamic video wall at the entrance can show off new vehicles, promotions, financing options and service center products and services. Strategically placed digital signs will re-enforce your messaging and increase conversion rates. Touch displays will give customers the opportunity to self-discover the impressive features of the available vehicles. In the service area, digital signage can generate upsell by promoting winter tire packages and other seasonal or mileage sensitive services and keep customers informed about where their vehicle is in the queue and entertain them to reduce the perception of lengthy wait times. To motive employees, digital signage can be used to display leaderboards to encourage positive competition and motivate staff. Content management can be shared between individual dealerships and head office to ensure consistent brand messaging and appropriate location-based messaging.


education video wallsKeeping the student body, staff and visitors informed is critically important and is extremely difficult and costly to do with printed materials and impossible in a sudden emergency. Strategically placed digital signage displays can be managed from a single modern browser simply and easily. Unique content can be assigned to specific screens based on the target audience. Effectively communicate events such as career fairs, sports tournaments or socials and even keep cafeteria menus up-to-date. Our Quick Broadcast feature can be used to interrupt content with unexpected, time sensitive messages to alert people of sudden changes in class schedules or emergency situations. Integrating wayfinding helps students and visitors find their way in unfamiliar spaces. And to help celebrate patrons, a large, multi-screen donor wall will recognize their generous contributions.

No matter which industry you’re in, a highly reliable and secure digital signage platform is an important component in any marketing plan and business model.

You work hard to develop your communication goals and you need a reliable and effective digital signage platform that will get your messages out to your target audience and has the features to realize your vision.

Our own Digital Signage platform is not only easy to use, it includes a simple to use design tool to create custom layouts that can include images, videos, text, newsfeeds, weather, streaming content, custom data and TV. It is also easy to create templates for multi-display video walls and interactive content. Other features that you can integrate with your content include Wayfinding, Video Presence (live 2-way video chat), Anonymous Analytics and more. The service is cloud based, so there are no servers to buy and maintain on-site and we include unlimited storage. There is no limit on the number of user accounts you can setup and we include unlimited training and support.

Corum Digital is a full-service digital signage provider. We offer everything required to build and maintain a successful digital signage network from planning and logistics, to hardware and installation, to a content management platform. A successful digital signage network always begins with a clear set of goals to engage, educate and empower your audience.