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With the firmCHANNEL Partner Program, you become a solution provider for digital signage with the tools to open up new ways to engage with your customers.

Corum Digital Partner Program

digital signage network componentsWe’re excited to share insight into our updated firmCHANNEL partner program. From the original acquisition of “firmCHANNEL” back in 2011, we have revamped our Partner program to provide a brand-new suite of benefits and resources to support any digital signage project. With the firmCHANNEL Partner Program, you become a solution provider for digital signage with the tools to open up new ways to engage with your customers. We offer everything you need to set-up and manage your network, with content delivery at the forefront. Our equipment is purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of a signage network and works in commercial environments. In addition to our enterprise-grade CMS, our Training and Support Team works with you so you are ready for success.


Enterprise grade solutions

Cellular Connectivity

During the Acquisition of firmCHANNEL, the goal was to equip our reseller partners with an enterprise-grade platform to better support their client’s digital signage projects. Over the years, our team of developers have rigorously worked to revamp our platform from a simple CMS to a robust enterprise-grade CMS solution. Whether you are looking to deploy a single display or a wide range of endpoints, firmCHANNEL can manage your entire network through our secured, cloud based solutions.

Custom integration through API

When custom integrations are required, our in-house developers can bring your vision to life. Starting with requirements gathering through to designing and implementation, our team takes great care in ensuring that every project is a success. We work with you to develop high-quality applications to help drive the success of your client’s business.

Custom integration through API

User Access control

A misconception we regularly hear from clients is the need to run multiple CMS’ to service different divisions or projects within the business. firmCHANNEL removes the need to operate multiple platforms as user-based access control feature provides network operators an approval process to control what is being released to each display.


firmCHANNEL delivers a detailed report on exactly when individual pieces of content are played, for how long and on what players. Data can be printed out or downloaded in CSV format and imported into a billing or reporting system. Along with proof of playbook reports, you have access to detailed user activity logs and other reports such as player events logs, to help with troubleshooting.

Tools and Support

As the developer and authors of firmCHANNEL, we offer our valued partners unparalleled levels of support across all lines of our business. We embrace feedback or requests from our partners to ensure we meet all your client’s digital signage requirements. The ultimate goal of our new partner program is helping our partners grow their business.

Our partners receive a customized onboarding program, access to all marketing/sales collateral, preferred pricing, and usage of our cutting-edge client experience center. These unique game changers offered by Corum Digital will help your organization provide unprecedented client experience and strengthen your client relationship. Along with the extensive list of resources, our dedicated channel partner team provides our partners with as much or as little support needed to answer inquiries, pitch clients, develop target accounts and directly support digital signage opportunities. Ultimately, we know that the success of our partnership will result from our continued effort to never stop adding innovative resources to the partner program.

For any additional support, we’re also happy to offer unlimited training from Monday to Friday 9 am-9 pm EST. Go together along with our remarkable support team, we will also build a custom library of training material to ensure our partners are equipped with the resources to support any digital signage inquiry.

How we can help your organization

AV - looking to strengthen your client relations? Consider going above and beyond for your clients by not just servicing the technology integration but also providing the hardware and software solutions enabling your clients to maximize their technology capabilities.

Marketing agency - Have your creative ideas or strategy limited by the lack of technology infrastructure? Corum Digital and firmCHANNEL provide marketing agencies the ability to remove any digital signage limitation by providing a wide range of hardware options to meet any project requirements. Whether interactive engagement or branding objective, firmCHANNEL unlocks any hardware capability with our content designer and unlimited technical support.

Signage company - looking to expand your business solution offering from tradition signage to digital signage? Our partnership program provides you information and resources to expand your service offering without expanding internal resources.

Looking to get started?

If you’re someone who manages a digital agency, AV, or a signage company and are interested in getting started—you can check out the full Partner Program page, or contact us at 1-800-561-7525, We’re excited to chat and answer any questions you might have.

firmCHANNEL partner program

In addition to this post, we’re also hosting an information webinar later this quarter to discuss what’s new with this program, benefits for your organization, and how to partner with Corum Digital. Looking to learn more? Connect with us and bring your questions!