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When using digital signage in a commercial environment like a retail store, knowing who you are marketing to is a real advantage.

Anonymous Audience Analytics collects demographic information about the people exposed to specific content. This information can be used to determine where to display certain pieces of content, help plan location-based pricing models or analyze traffic patterns within a space.

firmCHANNEL’s Anonymous Audience Analytics feature collects age range, gender and emotion. It’s critical to know that we value people’s privacy and that the information collected is completely anonymous. There is no way to identify any individual person. Not only will our Anonymous Audience Analytics feature provide insights into the people viewing specific content, it can also be used to trigger targeted content based on the viewer’s demographics, in real-time.

Here is information about the type of information collected.

Total Viewers

Total Viewers is just as it sounds. It counts the total number of people who viewed specific content at a specific time. This data can be cross-referenced with sales data to help quantify the effectiveness of an advertising strategy and make refinements if needed.

Gender and Age

Gender and age metrics help advertisers target content for specific displays and quantify the demographics of the viewership for their content. The Age metric is divided into age groups including child, youth, adult and senior. Advertisers can use these metrics to develop content aimed at a specific gender and/or age range. The targeted content can be triggered in real-time when an appropriate viewer is detected.


For insight into how a viewer connects with content, firmCHANNEL’s Anonymous Audience Analytics captures the viewers emotional reaction to what is being displayed on the screen. So, if you’ve designed your content to bring a smile to the viewers face, you’ll know if you’ve succeeded.

In conclusion, firmCHANNEL’s Anonymous Audience Analytics feature helps network operators and advertiser get a better understanding of who is viewing their content and insight to help fine tune content to get the most effective results.