How We Stayed One of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies During a Global Pandemic

This year was difficult on many businesses and individuals. However, despite the lockdowns, shipping delays and supply shortages, Corum Digital was listed on Insight Success’s 2021 global list of Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Revolutionizing Digital Signage.

Staying innovative is one of the reasons that we’re a leader in digital signage. We’ve been known for our innovative technologies in the past, but the past year presented new challenges.

So how did we remain one of the world’s leading innovators in our industry, in the midst of a global pandemic?

Our Customer-Centric Focus

Creating solutions that provide our clients with increasing value is something that we strive for at all times. Our clients receive support directly from the software development team that designs and updates our digital signage CMS platform. A direct relationship between our software engineers and our clients means that our customer care support comes from the most knowledgeable people about the platform, and that the improvements and value we add to our platform is created based on direct feedback from the platform’s users.

This year required us to come up with unique solutions. While talking with our clients about the challenges they were facing, we learned that they primarily faced two new concerns as a result of the pandemic: finances and safety.

Our Adaptability

When faced with crises, it’s important to act quickly. Many of our clients were worried about being able to maintain their business expenses when they closed their doors to lockdown closures. Helping ease their financial challenges became a priority for us. During the pandemic, we offered service pauses to create some grace for our existing clients. We also introduced our Corum Digital Advantage Program, a financing option for digital signage solutions based on our client’s budget requirements. This not only created immediate value for new clients, but provided them with ongoing value including capital preservation, credit preservation, tax deferrals, increased purchasing power and more.

Our Creativity

Rather than feeling defeated by the problems we and our clients were facing, we decided to take the time to work on innovating our products and offerings. Clients were concerned with the safety of their audiences. Addressing these safety challenges required creative thinking.

For those of our clients in essential industries like hospitals, we worked to quickly develop new technology such as touch-free kiosks. We updated our digital signage CMS platform to support wave gesture or touchless control by scanning a QR code to your phone, all designed to replace traditional touchscreen interactivity. We also introduced temperature and mask-checking kiosks with pre-screening questionnaires, and live two-way video chats that allowed service employees to socially distance or work remotely while providing value to their customers.
We were incredibly fortunate to have been able to continue operations during the pandemic, keep our employees safe and service our clients in a new way. To be recognized on Insight Success’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Revolutionizing Digital Signage was humbling and reminded us why we do the work that we do.

Our clients support and shape our business, and we’re grateful for each one. Thank you for a great year. Best wishes from our Corum Digital family to yours.